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Secrets to a perfectly prepped welder – Filter and Industrial

Secrets to a perfectly prepped welder

Tip Size 

If you are using gasless wire you should be using one size over on your tips. .9 wire, run 1mm tips it gives clearance between wire and the tips therefore giving you more life out of your tips wire only has the contact the tip to work you.

Clean Liner

Dirty liner will cause bird nesting around the rollers so the rollers wont be able to push the wire up through the hand piece and out the tip because there is too much friction in the liner.  So it will create a tangle mess of wire just after the roller and before the liner in the machine you can clean liners but its not worth the hassle. 10-$20


Gasless wire – rle rollers.  These rollers have a small knurl on them that grip the gasless wire to push it through the wire and if you are using solid wire or wire when you use argon you will actually be using you U groove rollers fit the wire perfectly  so you will have a you groove on one side of the roller and on the other side you will have a flat roller that pushes the wire up through the you groove.

Make sure you are using the right size, this should be stamped on both sides , usually rollers are double sided one side might be .6 and the other side might be .8 so easy to mix up and have them the wrong way. This can cause it to not feed properly because it creates a big nearle because of too many serrations.

ESP if your switching from gasless to solid wire or back the other way. Polarity means the way the electrical current runs, either down the earth lead into the hand piece and back or vice versa. Usually on the inside of the door there is a sticker that will recommend the best polarity to use for which type of wire. The switch polarity take jump loop out of one side (which is marked positive) and push it into the other side marked negative and then swap your earth lead from one to the other. IMAGE

Clean Wire

Esp useful worth knowing if you don’t weld that often or if you live in a humid environment, all the bit of rust end up falling off and lodging in the liner and create lots of friction  between your wire and your liner therefore birdnesting. If you’re going to leave your welder for a long time, best idea is to cut your wire off at the hand piece pull it all back and either take the wire out of the welder and put it in a plastic bag ( airtight). Or y can pull the wire out back through the welder and wrap some plastic around the wire and leave in the machine. If you do happen to forget and your wire is rusty, cut your wire and keep pulling off approx. 100m till you get to clean wire. .IMAGE explanation of cleaning with an ear plug.