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Questions to ask before buying a tool box – Filter and Industrial

Questions to ask before buying a tool box

  1. USE!  Decide what you really want to use it for (examples)


Cavity Box  which will have large cavities for large items. ( this wasn’t mentioned any further) need to expand

Material. Heavier the better, if you look at the packaging and online you should see the weight of the box and this is a good way to compare , aluminium  esp some of the cheaper ones can be really thin and when they are thin they are shit. The thicker the better, made of steel is ideal if its got slides or draws..not unless you go for a high end box like diamond t, but far superior box.(why?) Australian made (good interview here, prob has a good story). The gauge of the steel is always a good indication of how good the box is, some are 1.6 gauge others are only 1mm gauge. (why). Also check the corners of the tool box because this is the first place they will crack, if they have welded corners because when they weld them the heat in the metal affects its composition so these will normally crack out, its one thing I would try to avoid.


There are three types of slides there are like your kitchen draw slides (?) or there are ball bearings on tracks or there are friction slides, metal sliding on metal ot nylon sliding on metal. The best way to go is the less moving parts, the better. So for example if your tool box is going on a ute, friction draws are the back , don’t want things that can fall apart or service.  Friction draws are easy to slide on the smaller boxes but when you get up to 1200 m wide you will need rollers otherwise you wont be able to pull them out that easy. When you get up to the 1200m the best sliders are the ball bearing on the track, they cant get a bit funny to push in because you have to wiggle them in a bit . if you decided on the kitchen drawer slider the friction and bouncing in a ute will destroy them. Make sure they are  high quality slides.


Be carefull when buying a tool box, most manufacturers  offer unlimited warrant, normally this only applies to fault that’s are with the box straight after opening, if say for example you have been driving around with it and it ends up cracking, warranty will not cover that.