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Alemlube Oil Can – Filter and Industrial

Alemlube Oil Can

This product is one that we’ve had on the shelf for 6 months or so now.

For those who’ve been around the automotive equipment and parts industry for quite some time, you may have some knowledge on the oil safe containers that you can get from CAT or Hastings.

Alemlube Oil Can_17



Alemlube has some similar containers as well, and they are pretty good. I’ve never actually dropped oil in one yet so I’ll put some oil in it today and see how it goes. You’re meant to keep your oil clean to no more than 20 liter drums wrapped around the back of the ute.




Alemlube Oil Can_24



The Alemlube oil container has easy pour. With this, there is no spillage through a funnel. You can get a few different options as well. These containers come in universal tops and you just change the size of the container from two liters, 5 liters to 10 liter containers, depending on your need.  This way you can save more as buying a different top for every container size is costly.




Alemlube Oil Can_25



Alemlube containers also come with a pump lid as well. You can screw the pump lid on by the pumps’ end and it ends up like a 20 liter pump but only for these types of bottles. This is mostly for the 10 liter containers.

It comes with a few different ends. One is a standard end, which is common. You can get this with an extension one as well which is always handy.



Alemlube Oil Can_29



When you close the vent on top, the oil goes out and the air comes in. You can control the flow of oil by tightening or loosening the grip.

It comes with a locking top on it touch just off right, with a seal or an o-ring in the end. So when you push it, it locks shut. It’s also got a switch on the back.



Alemlube Oil Can_34



It pushes a little valve forward once which lets air in to get the oil out. If you’re tipping it in into a hard-to-get place, you can actually switch it off. Once you get the spout in where you want to go, switch it on, oil comes out the end.




Alemlube Oil Can_32



Once you shut the top, no oil comes out. We could probably make a mess here, we’ll see how we go. So I switched the switch on the back to on, obviously still nothing because we have the end one shut, I’ll just open that. When you put off the switch, oil comes out slowly. When switched on, the oil comes out faster. When you keep the top shut, there is no spillage at all. It is pretty robust, which makes it good for the back of the ute.